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Karan who is weak in his studies but good at music and masti which always results in fighting with his father, but his life changes when he sees the girl of his dreams. Everywhere he sees her he follows her but one day he goes out of town to find her but couldn't. Later his father sents him to another city but his car breaks down and takes lift and finds it's the same girl whos name is Pooja. During the drive a truck comes and hits the cars which falls in a valley but Karan and Pooja are on the cliff but after saving Pooja his hands slip and falls down. After gaining conscious Pooja realizes it was her fault that Karan died and searches for his body, but he found by a man and is taken to a hospital. He is then reunited with his family, and goes off to search for Pooja. She finds him first and they start a friendship. Later he gets close to her but finds she is going to America for studies but confesses that he loves her and she also loves him and when she comes back they will get ... Written

Actors: Tusshar Kapoor,Kareena Kapoor,Amrish Puri,Rinke Khanna,Dalip Tahil,Himani Shivpuri,Alok Nath,Vrajesh Hirjee,Pankaj Berry,Gopal Dutt,Hemant Pandey,Rashmi,Asha Sharma,Yashpal Sharma
Year: 2001
Imdb: click here

" They keep having close encounters, but something always interrupts, and in a typical Bollywood move, Karan never musters the courage to initiate anything other than polite, casual conversation"

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