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As the surviving partner in a gold mining enterprise, Joe Meadows has also been raising his deceased partner's daughter, Mickey. Now that she is older, Joe plans to send her to live with her aunt Mrs. Drake in New York. Meanwhile, Mrs. Drake is hoping to have her daughter Elsie marry another mine owner, Herbert Thornhill, in order to alleviate the Drake family's financial struggles. When Thornhill goes to California to check on his mine, he meets Mickey and becomes fond of her. Later, when Mickey goes to New York to stay with the Drakes, she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. Written bySnow Leopard

Actors: Mabel Normand,George Nichols,Laura La Varnie,Lew Cody,Minta Durfee,Wheeler Oakman,Tom Kennedy,Minnie Devereaux
Year: 1918
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" The greatest moments of comedy come in little bits of performance, as Mabel comes up with many ingenious ways to hide dust she has swept up, or simply can't resist eating cherries off a cake"

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