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Frits and Freddy Frateur make their living as Bible salesmen, but suffer difficulties due to the economic crisis. When ringing the doorbell of Carlo Mus, who is under surveillance by the secret service for fraud, both men are laughed at while closing the door. This is one step too far for the Frateur brothers. Violently, they invade the luxurious villa. They hurt the rude man but flee when the alarm sounds. Being no trouble for Mus to locate the Frateur brother, he finds revenge. But Frits and Freddy now feel humiliated and seek revenge once more. Once again they break in, but now they kidnap the wife of the household: Gina. Written byMatthias De Bruyne

Actors: Frank Aendenboom,Stijn Cole,Damiaan De Schrijver,Tom Dewispelaere,Frank Focketyn,Eric Godon,Tania Kloek,Wim Opbrouck,Jaap Spijkers,Peter Van den Begin,Lucas Van den Eynde,Tom Van Dyck,Greta Van Langhendonck,Jan Van Looveren,Erik Van Looy
Year: 2010
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" Overlooking the fact that Goossens and Punt had previously collaborated on the extremely popular if (because ?) wildly over the top TV series MATROESJKA'S, leaving no sleazy stone unturned in its tabloid type exposé of the strip joint and prostitution racket, I boldly ventured into my local multiplex on a dreary Thursday afternoon, hopes held high against better judgment, only to see my fears and doubts confirmed"

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