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Bethune has long been a hero in China. Perhaps for reasons of politics and personality, however, his fame in North America lagged far behind. The film explores the complexity of a character who could be narcissistic, petty, and cruel with those who loved him, yet capable of heroic generosity and creativity for those whom he scarcely knew. It was a Canada-China-France co-production, which by the time of its release had become the most expensive movie ever made in Canada. The production had been dogged by controversy over funding, politics, location, revenue, and a dispute over the script between the author, who had been with Bethune in Spain, and the leading actor who had already played Bethune in other venues. Some scenes are tinged with humor and Bethune's speeches about universal access to humane medicine have an uncanny appeal more than half a century later. With its beautiful backdrop of Chinese landscapes, Montreal snow, and 1930s nostalgia, the film is an evocative memorial to a... Written byDuffin, Jacalyn

Actors: Donald Sutherland,Helen Mirren,Helen Shaver,Colm Feore,James Pax,Da Guo,Anouk Aimée,Ronald Pickup,Geoffrey Chater,Zong-yao Tan,Ke-Yaw Zhang,Iñaki Aierra,Lorne Brass,Norris Domingue,Sophie Faucher
Year: 1993
Imdb: click here

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