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Robin and her father have a car accident. Her father dies. Robin is badly injured and cannot compete in gymnasics tournaments anymore. Shattered dreams. She lives with her mother and bad step-father. Robin is accepted to the school atlethics team but is not accepted by some other girls, so she works out at a friends house. Eventually Robin and her team compete in the national scholastic meet. Written byIvo Kroone <>

Actors: Olivia d'Abo,Rita Tushingham,Keanu Reeves,Jessica Steen,Renee Murphy,Sean McCann,Samantha Langevin,Nicole Kolman,Samantha Logan,Anthony Kramreither Jr.,Denis Simpson,Eugene Clark,Louis Tucci,Dayle Sunohara,Sasha Ivanochko
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

"the acting was less than stellar,though that has a lot to do with what the actors were given(or in this case-not)to work with"

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