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The true story of Toni Jo Henry, a woman tried for the crime of murder in 1942 in the state of Louisiana. Toni Jo, a product of childhood abuse and neglect, briefly discovers love and happiness that soon turns to despair when her husband Cowboy is sent to prison and she embarks on an ill-fated plan with an accomplice Arkie to free him. Because of her beauty, Toni Jo instantly becomes a notorious celebrity, drawing the unparalleled media attention of two highly publicized and sensational murder trials. Her story is a story of hope, a story of love and a story of redemption, as Toni Jo discovers the true strength within herself and, with the help of a priest, Father Richard is able to face her life with a calm and peace that defies explanation. Written bySandi Russell

Actors: Jaime King,T.J. Thyne,John Hawkes,Jason Lewis,Tim Guinee,M.C. Gainey,Leigh Whannell,Sue Rock,Douglas M. Griffin,Stuart Greer,Jeddah Danielle Salera,Derek Wayne Johnson,John F. Beach,Jackson Beals,Niki Spiridakos
Year: 2013
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" It is based on the true life story of Toni Jo Henry and her sensational murder trial in the 1940's in Louisiana"

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