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France 1944: during an aerial bombardment, two boys are separated from their parents; the older one helps the younger. Jump ahead to contemporary Manhattan where chief financial officer Jimmy Stevens punishes his company's murderous practices in Third World countries by setting up its stock release to fail. He knows they'll kill him in retaliation; he asks for two weeks. By telephone, using a voice disguising device, he hires a private detective, Frank Turlotte, to watch ... Jimmy. What's going on? Jimmy goes to the park where he reads a book and talks to children; he visits his aged mother. Frank observes it all. The two-week deadline approaches. What's Jimmy's game? Written by<>

Actors: Axel Feldmann,Grégory Ravary Ellis,Jean Brassard,Marion Servole,Frank Langella,Devin Luke,Edward James Hyland,Corey Johnson,Chris McKinney,Elliott Gould,Edoardo Ballerini,Robert Bagnell,Chandler Williams,Anabel Sosa,Helen Stenborg
Year: 2009
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" Simply sharing that moment with someone, confirms the profound meaning of the human connection"

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