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Foreigners who apply to become Swiss citizens have no easy task - especially when the police lets Bodmer loose to check upon their background, their integration in the society, and the possible danger they represent to the orderliness and cleanliness of the country. Bodmer gets a new assistant to help him corner unsuitable applicants. Very soon, a couple of conformist German physicians, a pretty Eastern European dancer, and the inevitable (and politically troublesome) Italian immigrant and his family start shooting themselves in the foot in their attempts to get the red passport with a white cross. Written byEduardo Casais <>

Actors: Emil Steinberger,Walo Lüönd,Beatrice Kessler,Wolfgang Stendar,Hilde Ziegler,Claudio Caramaschi,Silvia Jost,Ulrich Beck,Josi Berlinger,Gigi Bertolini,Tino Bertrand,Dore De Rosa,Paul Epstein,Aviva Joel,Monika Koch
Year: 1979
Imdb: click here

" One might wonder how people can be made ? The Swissmakers presents a very macho yet safe view about people who recommend names of persons who would be granted Swiss citizenship to become Swiss citizens"

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