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Ippolita is a paralyzed young woman with serious mental problems stemming from the death of her mother. Her crisis of faith and the intervention of a well-meaning psychologist lead Ippolita to remember her past life as a witch during the Inquisition. Eventually, Ippolita becomes possessed and starts seducing local men, only to kill them. An exorcism seems to be the only solution to stop the madness. Written byØrnås

Actors: Carla Gravina,Mel Ferrer,Arthur Kennedy,George Coulouris,Alida Valli,Mario Scaccia,Umberto Orsini,Anita Strindberg,Remo Girone,Ernesto Colli,Bruno Tocci,Beatrice De Bono,Vittorio Fanfoni,Luigi Antonio Guerra
Year: 1974
Imdb: click here

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