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A young woman arrives in her school where she must teach for the first time. Her task consists in teaching a class of adults to read and write. All her students are male, ranging from boys to old men, and they are rather rowdy and difficult. All the more as a young hooligan dares write her on a test paper that he loves her. Feeling harassed by the young man, she is defended by other students. But she more or less feels the young bad boy's love is true and when this one is lying on his dying bed, after being stabbed by the other students, she solaces him by kissing him tenderly. Written byGuy Bellinger

Actors: Vladimir Mayakovsky,Aleksandra Rebikova,Fyodor Dunayev
Year: 1918
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" The plot follows a story written by Edmondo de Amicis in 1895 (La maestrina degli operai - The Workers' Young Schoolmistress), adapting it to the Russian universe of 1918, and to the universe of Russian avant-garde: the story of de Amicis breathes here of Constructivism; poetry, enthusiasm and a very realist depiction of society, far from the triumphalism of later Soviet movies"

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