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Shot in Uzbekistan during WWII, Takhir (Aglayev) is betrothed to Zukhra (Rysayeva) on their birth days by her father, Babakhan (Ismatov). They grow up together in the Kahn's palace, but at age 12, Takhir's father chooses to help the leader of the peoples rebellion escape and is later killed by Babakhan. On his 18th birthday, when he is supposed to be married to Zukhra, Takhir learns of his fathers killer, and confronts Babakhan. He is sentenced to be drowned in a chest and is dispatched down the river. Takhir survives and returns to the kingdom in time to prevent the marriage forced on Zukhra by her father, but is captured and sentenced to death. Written byMaple-2

Actors: Yuldus Rysayeva,Gulyam Aglayev,Asad Ismatov,Shukur Burkhanov,Razak Khamrayev,Abror Hidoyatov,Sagdi Tabibullayev
Year: 1946
Imdb: click here

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