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Maria is a young beauty who is busy juggling three boyfriends (a count, a dentist and a student) at the same time. She manages this elaborate deception by impersonating her roommate Silvana who is a real life airline hostess. She lies to the count and the dentist about her flight schedules and her whereabouts so she can spend three days a week with each of them. She spends the remaining day of the week with the student who thinks she is a fellow student named Maria. One day the news of the real Silvana's flight disappearance breaks out and she is presumed dead. Comedy and confusion ensure when Maria is forced to come up with a more elaborate scheme to cover her tracks and keep her boyfriends happy. Written byfellini813

Actors: Catherine Spaak,Enrico Maria Salerno,Marc Michel,Riccardo Cucciolla,Manuel Miranda,José Calvo,Nando Angelini,Mara Fernández,Janine Reynaud,Daina Saronni,Grazia Martini,Giuseppe Ranieri,Mario De Gual,Julia Caba Alba,María Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara
Year: 1965
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