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A plain suburban housewife, the past victim of a brutal assault, is still having trouble coping with the incident a year later. After seeing a story on the evening news, however, she mysteriously begins to assemble an alternate identity, unknown to her family or friends. Written bySteve Cain <>

Actors: Stephanie Rascoe Myers,John S. Davies,Steven Fromholz,Lauren Lane,Gail Cronauer,Matthew Sacks,Audeen Casey,Steven Jay Hoey,Erin White,Terry Leeser,Steve Garrett,Dottie Mandel,James Buchanan,William Spurlock,Tim Hatcher
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

"The actors, mostly unknowns, do a fine job, especially Stephanie Rascoe as the misunderstood housewife heroine who takes the law and her own identity into places she never thought possible"

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