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Where to watch Holy God, Here Comes the Passatore!
Stefano Pelloni is an Italian highwaymen known as Il Passatore, loved by women but despised by lawmen. Together with his two man band he always manages to escape the law and head back to his woman, Mora, who would just as soon see him hanging up his pistols and going straight. But the police commissioner has had enough and begins to conceive of every possible means to catch Il Passatore red handed. Written byIl Tesoro

Actors: George Hilton,Edwige Fenech,Manuel Zarzo,Salvatore Borghese,Chris Avram,Cris Huerta,Jack Logan,Helga Liné,Lucretia Love,Umberto D'Orsi,Marco Migliozzi,Dante Maggio,Fortunato Arena,Dante Cleri,Alessandro Perrella
Year: 1973
Imdb: click here

" The film is fairly well-produced but it doesn't have much plot, it's mostly a succession of slapstick fight scenes in the style of the extremely popular at the time Bud Spencer - Terence Hill comedies"

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