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Manos returns to his hometown where he finds his children love and starts a chain of events that leads to the uncovering of a dark secret.

Actors: Christos Loulis,Fay Ksila,Vladimiros Kiriakidis,Haris Mavroudis,Fotini Baxevani,Dimitris Piatas,Sofia Filippidou,Pavlos Haikalis,Spyros Kitsanellis,Sofia Voyatzaki,Kleon Gregoriadis,Sakis Boulas,Margarita Amarantidi,Nikos Bournias,Olga Dalentza
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

"The romantic leads, Hristos Loulis and Faye Xila, are very engaging and sexy, he in a very sweet, vulnerable, natural way, she as a comedic over-sexed goth working as an undertaker's assistant"

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