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Acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker Maximillian Schell reconstructs the life and career of the enigmatic film diva. This is accomplished through use of archival footage and commentary from the actress recorded at her home. Schell's job was complicated by the aging actresses's stipulation that her face not be photographed directly. Written

Actors: Annie Albers,Marlene Dietrich,Bernard Hall,Maximilian Schell,Marta Rakosnik,Patricia Schell,Ivana Spinell,William von Stranz
Year: 1984
Imdb: click here

" Dietrich's voice alone – obstinate, caustic, skeptical of Schell's project, scornful of her own allure – says more (with more insight) than any scripted monologue could provide, and her unedited conversations with Schell (an old comrade) are unpredictable and candid, often becoming verbal sparring matches in two languages"

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