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In Nazareth in Galilee, at the time of Roman emperor Augustus and of the king of Jews Herod, lives a simple young woman, Mary, between the love of her parents, of her fiancé Joseph the carpenter, and of her fellow citizens. One day, a dazzling light, that of an angel, announces to Mary that, through the work of the Holy Spirit, she will give birth to a son, Jesus, who will be called the son of God. Written byGuy Bellinger

Actors: Myriam Muller,Didier Bienaimé,Eric Jakobiak,Jean-Pierre Germain,Francis Lalanne,Marc de Jonge,Myriam Mézières,Jean-Marc Bory,Jean-Loup Wolff,Corine Blue,Thierry Maillot,Pierre Lacan,Alain Aswani,Mohamed Basri,Adil Besri
Year: 1995
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"It contains a plethora of interpretations that do not coincide with my own interpretations of the events surrounding His ministry based on my study of the Gospel in multiple languages, however, as I have yet to undertake a study of the Gospel from the perspective of the French language, I cannot help but say that I found it to be a lot more interesting than some quicker-cheaper productions about the Word"

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