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Remo Guerra is a policeman with a double life, who at night with a group of thugs, who he occasionally meets in bars, raids rich people's houses in Rome. Because of his hate for discipline he is soon dismissed from the force and he can continue his criminal life full time. One night he gets arrested and spends 3 years in jail. When he is released he buys a bar and tries to live a normal life, but soon enough the debts he has contracted for the purchase of the bar and his innate rage against society drive him back to muggings and hold ups. One night he tries to rob a very powerful politician... Written bySalvatore Santangelo <>

Actors: Valerio Mastandrea,Marco Giallini,Emanuel Bevilacqua,Giorgio Tirabassi,Francesca d'Aloja,Federico Pacifici,Giampiero Lisarelli,Alessia Fugardi,Cristiana Ciacci,Elda Alvigini,Stella Vordemann,Little Tony,Raffaele Vannoli,Sebastiano Colla,Marcello Mazzarella
Year: 1998
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