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Posing as wealthy Cuban plantation owner Joseph Johnson, Augustus Billings is having an affair with married Clairette Dathis. Augustus is able to get away just before Clairette's husband, Leon Dathis, comes home. But Leon finds out about the affair. With Augustus' photograph in hand, Leon goes on a search for his wife's lover. The ensuing chase leads to one sight gag close call after another. Eventually, the real Joseph Johnson in Cuba gets unwittingly into the act. Written byHuggo

Actors: Joseph Cotten,Virginia Nicolson,Edgar Barrier,Arlene Francis,Ruth Ford,Mary Wickes,Eustace Wyatt,Guy Kingsley Poynter,George Duthie,Orson Welles,John Berry,Marc Blitzstein,Herbert Drake,John Houseman,Erskine Sanford
Year: 1938
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" There is real filmmaking here in what was supposed to just be filler for a stage production--I've seen stage shows do this type of thing with filmed sections and rarely are they this elaborate even today"

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