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A visitor arrives in a small Italian village looking for a woman. Residents tell him that she committed suicide but there's more to the mystery than they're letting on. Meanwhile, a strange woman walks by the lake.

Actors: Peter Baldwin,Salvo Randone,Valentina Cortese,Virna Lisi,Philippe Leroy,Pia Lindström,Pier Giovanni Anchisi,Ennio Balbo,Anna Maria Gherardi,Bruno Scipioni,Mario Laurentini,Vittorio Duse
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" Later this memory is expanded upon in the writer's mind and what we saw at first suddenly takes new meaning so that the love scene may had not been a love scene and the victim may had not been the victim after all, but it doesn't become clear whether this is a repressed memory unlocked by circumstance or a wish fulfillment dream, the writer furnishing a twisty conclusion worthy of one of his pulpy books to an incident that remains unexplained and ambiguous like most real life situations usually are"

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