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Our main character lands on a supposedly uninhabited strange new world, where he is instead greeted as a "hero" and treated like royalty. He soon finds out that heroism has a price: he has to commit a crime so that he may be publicly executed in a glorious ceremony. Written byPer Hedetun

Actors: Mariusz Benoit,Henryk Bista,Maria Ciunelis,Bozena Dykiel,Katarzyna Figura,Krystyna Kolodziejczyk,Danuta Kowalska,Gabriela Kownacka,Magdalena Kuta,Anna Majcher,Krzysztof Majchrzak,Stanislaw Manturzewski,Wlodzimierz Musial,Leon Niemczyk,Jan Nowicki
Year: 1986
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"The scifi aspects of the movie are not meant to be taken serious any more than the motley assortment of colorful characters that make up the cast are meant to be threedimensional"

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