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When his submarine, S89, is sunk by an excursion boat, Scotty is the last one left aboard after helping the crew to be rescued. However, Navy divers are able to save Scotty and his heroics make him a hero. Retiring from the Navy as a Commander, he finds that, as a hero, he is in great demand. There are parades. speeches, endorsements, banquets and autographs galore. Even his marriage to his sweetheart Janet is headline news. Everyone wants a piece of Scotty. The only thing that Scotty does not have is his freedom and a life of his own. Written byTony Fontana <>

Actors: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.,Mary Brian,Harold Minjir,Emma Dunn,Walter Catlett,David Landau,Oscar Apfel,Terrance Ray,J. Carrol Naish,Louise Beavers
Year: 1932
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" Oddly enough nine years later Warner Brothers would make a film about a real hero who turned his back on such lures of easy money to trade in on his good name"

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