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Judd runs the Starlight Hotel out in some sort of swampy place and is unfortunately a few slices short of a loaf. He has a crocodile conveniently placed on the other side of the hotel's front porch railing. The croc will eat just about anything, as the hapless guests of the hotel find out soon enough. A reformed hooker, an unlucky family, and the father and sister of the hooker all suffer various rates of attrition as Judd tries to implement damage control. Written byEd Sutton <>

Actors: Neville Brand,Mel Ferrer,Carolyn Jones,Marilyn Burns,William Finley,Stuart Whitman,Roberta Collins,Kyle Richards,Robert Englund,Crystin Sinclaire,Janus Blythe,Betty Cole,Sig Sakowicz,Ronald W. Davis,Christine Schneider
Year: 1977
Imdb: click here

" There are some tense and disturbing moments such as when he's chasing the two women, which are excellently done"

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