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The aging, conservative population of a small, sleepy village in the Italian Alps are surprised to see that a former French professor has settled there with his young wife and their three children to produce goat cheese, in order to escape the wrongs of civilization. At first they are suspicious of his unconventional ideas and lifestyle, then are conquered by the enthusiasm, kindness, helpfulness of the young family and start to see in them a possible rebirth of the place. But little by little misunderstandings, envy and conflicts take over. Written byLuisa Bertolini <>

Actors: Thierry Toscan,Alessandra Agosti,Dario Anghilante,Giovanni Foresti,Caterina Damiano,Giacomino Allais,Daniele Mattalia,Ines Cavalcanti,Kevin Chiampo,Frédérique Chiampo,Emma Giusiano,Bruno Demaria,Angelo Martelli,Nadia Belliardo,Bruno Manzo
Year: 2006
Imdb: click here

" At first the quite old natives are very enthusiastic about the new arrival, since the village is almost dead --everybody left it long ago to look for better lives in faraway places-- and they make plans, thinking that the cheese maker could be a good addition to the summer months when the tourists will come (In winter the weather is very bitter and the snow covers everything)"

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