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When Debbie Strand is sent to live with her elderly grandmother it is the easiest thing she could have done until things go terribly bad. Her grandmother is too controlling for Debbie and will not let her have a life. Debbie had enough and beats her to death with her cane. Now her eyes are set on her new teacher, Mr. Rinaldi. She finds out that his girlfriend is out of town and erases all her messages on his answering machine. She will stop at nothing to get him even if it means murder. Now the easiest thing for her to do is to kill for what she wants. Written byKyle <>

Actors: Rose McGowan,Alex McArthur,Peg Shirley,J.C. Brandy,Phil Morris,Robert Silver,Sherrie Rose,Ryan Bittle,Julia Nickson,Krissy Carlson,Wendy Robie,Philip Boyd,Milton James,Morgan Distefano,Aloma Wright
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Grandmother (Peg Shirley) and Debbie don't mesh well as she is a hyper-Christian"

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