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Watch Plastic Little: The Adventures of Captain Tita online

Where to watch Plastic Little: The Adventures of Captain Tita
Tita Mu Koshigaya is a young woman who captains a ship, the Cha-Cha Maru, whose business is capturing exotic creatures in the 'sea of clouds' of the planet Ietta, and selling them to collectors and zoos. By chance, she saves Elysse Aldo Mordish, a young woman of her own age, from a rogue faction of Ietta's own military forces, led by the armored commander Guizel, who already killed Elysse's scientist father. As the military conducts a vicious chase for Elysse, it becomes apparent that she holds the key to a secret that could determine the fate of the entire planet's independence. Written byPlastic Little Wikipedia

Actors: Yôsuke Akimoto,Bryan Bounds,Angel Fisher,Yuriko Fuchizaki,Tiffany Grant,Matt Greenfield,Clint Harpman,Aaron Krohn,Jason Lee,Guil Lunde,Tristan MacAvery,Brenda Mikeska,Rob Mungle,Ryûsei Nakao,Chikao Ohtsuka
Year: 1994
Imdb: click here

" Tita vows to help her with her problems"

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