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Maggie Scott (Ann-Margret), a fashion buyer in Paris on her first buying spree where she meets famous fashion designer Mark Fontaine (Louis Jourdan) and he immediately gives her the big rush. When Maggie appears to have lost the lucrative contract with Fontaine, her boss Ted Barclay (Chad Everett), the son of her company's owner, comes to Paris to straighten things out, making an even bigger mess of things. Written byalfiehitchie

Actors: Ann-Margret,Louis Jourdan,Richard Crenna,Edie Adams,Chad Everett,John McGiver,Marcel Dalio,Mathilda Calnan,Jacqueline Beer,Marcel Hillaire,Michele Montau,Reta Shaw,Mongo Santamaría,Count Basie,Count Basie and His Orchestra
Year: 1966
Imdb: click here

"What really sinks it is (as other reviews here have noted) how badly written Ann-Margret's character is, going from prim and naive to a wildcat with no rhyme or reason"

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