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Ah Kuo, Xiao Yu and Chubby are three country bumpkins living in the mountains with their cantankerous grandfather, who teaches the boys about discipline, dedication and devotion through martial arts training. Over the years, the boys have done a lot of kung fu training and have gained much in the ways of martial arts, including good health and a bond that keeps them inseparable. However, during an argument involving who is suppose to feed Grandpa's pet bird, it escapes and now they fear punishment. Not wanting to get into anymore trouble, they flee from home in an attempt to find the bird and bring it back so Grandpa won't know and this prompts the boys to take a trip to the big city, where their country way of life causes them to get into trouble and clash with the locals a little bit because they have no knowledge of city life. During the trip, the boys discover their Grandma and little sister Cheng-Cheng living the good life and so she takes them in to look after them, but their ... Written byKeno Reeves

Actors: Ching-Kuo Yan,Shiao-Hu Tso,Chung-Jung Chen,David Wu,Paul Chang,Hui Lou Chen,Hung Lieh Chen,Di Chin,Mien Fang,Sheng Fu,Pu-Liao Hsu,Ching-Lin Huang,Hung Kuan,Bruce Lee,Chie-Wen Lin
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" I just had to get past the first somewhat boring 25 minutes of it and then it comes alive!I thought 3 ninjas was funny, but now I understand that it was a take off of this Chinese movie (dubbed in English) and I must say this movie is much better! It is original and full of action and fake/funny violence"

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