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Valentino and Salvo, unemployed in search of fortune and recommendation, leave Palermo for a small country called Monteforte, where Valentino was born and have broke up the woman of his dreams. The situation in Monteforte is not promising: people whispered among square, church, bars and barber. The mature age of the villagers, inspire Salvo to live with the retirement of his mother in law, trying to involve every aunt and uncle that own a pension. Welcomed and forced to a strict diet, which keeps them healthy and alive, the Retired delegate life and the withdrawal of the pension to Salvo and Valentino, who buy the first new car and try to enjoy their life finally. But one after another the old guests die, leaving Salvo and Valentino in complete despair. The two do not give up and they invent new solutions to combat the lack of money. The epilogue is bitter and claims the urgency of a generational change of the ruling classes in Italy. Written byDavide Mauriello

Actors: Ficarra,Picone,Tiziana Lodato,Lily Tirinnanzi,Fatima Trotta,Ludovico Caldarera,Francesco Paolantoni,Nino Frassica,Mariano Rigillo,Lucia Guzzardi,Giancarlo Ratti,Maria Vittoria Martorelli,Lollo Franco
Year: 2014
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