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Watch East Wind (Vent d'Est) online

Where to watch East Wind (Vent d'Est)
The true story of General Smyslovsky and the anti-Communist 1st Russian National Army receiving shelter in Liechtenstein in 1945 and successfully resisting Soviet pressure to be returned for execution in the USSR.

Actors: Malcolm McDowell,Pierre Vaneck,Jean-François Balmer,Ludmila Mikaël,Caroline Silhol,Wojciech Pszoniak,Catherine Bidaut,Serge Renko,Annick Blancheteau,Catherine Frot,Jean de Coninck,Geneviève Mnich,Elena Safonova,Clémentine Célarié,Patrice Alexsandre
Year: 1993
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"Like some of his best works ("Au Coeur de la Vie" ,"La Belle Vie" )"Vent d'est" deals with war,to be precise with the victims of war"

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