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Wealthy Elias Graves builds his home on the top of a hill, where a group of squatters have taken up residence at the bottom. Many of the men in the squatters' village have their eyes on young Tess, and one of them, Ben Letts, frames Tess's father for murder. While maintaining her father's innocence, Tess must keep her love for Graves' son a secret, while caring for Elias' daughter's illegitamate child. Written byJonathan Ruskin <>

Actors: Mary Pickford,Lloyd Hughes,Gloria Hope,David Torrence,Forrest Robinson,Jean Hersholt,Danny Hoy,Robert Russell,Gus Saville,Madame De Bodamere
Year: 1922
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" The main villain, a repellent and lecherous squatter who tries to frame Pickford's father, is played by the normally sweet and gentle Jean Hersholt, who is virtually unrecognizable in his role"

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