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The story of Fiona and her mother told in eight chapters. Fiona is abandoned at six months of age, raised in foster and adoptive homes, abused, and, still a teen, hustles on the streets of New York. We watch her use heroin, fall in love with other women, be pursued by men, engage in murderous violence, hide out in a crack house, and decide to leave the city. We see her mother, also a streetwalker and drug user, occasionally talk about her lost daughter. Fiona has a necklace she was clutching when a foundling. Will mother and daughter meet? Is there a silver lining? Written by<>

Actors: Anna Levine,Felicia Maguire,Alyssa Mulhern,Anna Grace,Bill Dawes,Mike Hodge,Christopher McCann,Sue Ponczkowski,Peggy Van Tries,Matthew Powers,Noel Robichaux,Michele Santopietro,Steve Klingman,Phil LaRocca,James Mulholland
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Amos Kollek must be crazy"

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