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Basil is the story of a sheltered, naive young aristocrat who finds a friend, John Mannion and through him meets Julia Sherwin. Basil falls in love with Julia, but she is below his class, and if his father finds out, he will be disinherited and sent away, as his older brother, Ralph was, when he unwisely did the same. How can Basil keep his love and his father's respect? Written byA Thomas

Actors: Christian Slater,Jared Leto,Claire Forlani,Derek Jacobi,David Ross,Crispin Bonham-Carter,Stephanie Bagshaw,Maisie Bryceland,Jenny Downham,Ann-Louise Grimshaw,Sarah Hadland,Carli Harris,Joanna John,Georgiana Johnson,Jackson Leach
Year: 1998
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" Half Italian Claire Forlani plays an English lady although she has a slightly Mediterranean look"

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