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This thriller investigates the mysterious assassination of a gay pastor in rural South Africa. Without witnesses or explanations, the crime appears to the police and others as a jigsaw puzzle without enough pieces. The police then suspect and arrest people based on the usual prejudices, black and coloured people who plant marijuana in this case. Meanwhile, the true assassin not only goes his way unpunished from the very beginning, but becomes one of the rural town's most respected citizens. The sheriff at one point does begin having certain suspicions, and from there on the bulk of the plot is played out. The location is a very arid part of South Africa, so with so much desert rock, there are bound to be quarries. Some may reveal important secrets. Written byGuy33134

Actors: John Lynch,Jonny Phillips,Oscar Petersen,Sylvia Esau,Jody Abrahams,Serge-Henri Valcke,Mrs. Van Wyk,Dina Claasen,Anton Stoltz,Denzel Phillips,Morne Visser,Sean Arnold,Dr. Kleingeld,Samuel Bois,Robert McCarthy
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" I got to point out how other characters besides our hero here have secrets and their share of sins, like the rest of us, which they want to conceal, the conscience is making them feel a sense of shame like the love affair between the chief cop and the lady carer"

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