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Paju, is the name of a place everyone has heard of but don't really know. There, we see a man sharing the lot of the neglected, and the women surrounding him. Bearing the paradox of liaison in the name of love, this place creates the traces of an unknown age. Written byPusan International Film Festival

Actors: Ye-ri Han,Man-sik Jeong,Bo-kyeong Kim,Han-joon Kim,Ja-yeong Kim,Jin-ah Kim,Min-su Kim,Sun-kyun Lee,Eung-soo No,Jin-su Park,Se-jong Park,Woo Seo,Kang-gook Son,Yo-sep Song,Choi Wook
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" This isn't some movie that revolves around some love triangle like the trailer makes you believe, it has more to do with a jealous school girl that rebels to deal with her circumstances and unravels the truth about her sister's fate"

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