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End of July, and it's holiday time. Panos and Michalis are brothers-in-law from Thessaloniki and run a small business together. Brimming over with high spirits, they leave for Thasos to meet their families. In the vicinity of Lake Volvi, their brief encounter with a young bar woman delays them. Panos, who is madly in love with her, attempts to commit suicide, and Michalis is forced to strike camp by the lake. Antonis, the third brother-in-law, who is concerned about their delay, comes around to find out what has happened, only to fall himself for one of the nurses treating Panos. He forgets about everything else and goes with her to the casino, where he wins on the roulette tables. Their relationship, naturally, does not reach fruition. Antonis reunites with Panos and Michalis, and they all start afresh for Thasos, but on the spur of the moment they decide to stop over at a hotel. Since their women can wait for them, they might just never go back. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Yannis Zouganelis,Argyris Bakirtzis,Sakis Boulas,Angeliki Iliadi,Emily Papahristou,Arhontoula Xenou,Katerina Louri,Evi Katatzi,Kostas Bakirtzis,Kostas Sideris,Dionysis Oikonomopoulos
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Acting, directing, script"

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