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Ryan Kazinski, 16, is in juvenile detention in Fort Myers, Florida. He gets away one day, and the world is all before him: where should he go, what should he do? Should he try to find his mom? Should he head for Colorado, where he's daydreamed about life in the woods. He has a younger brother, so under cover of night, Ryan visits him. At night, Ryan is on the streets where there are other youth at loose ends, including one who wants Ryan to help with a burglary. The police are looking for him as well. Where might a 16-year-old of limited experience, with no money, imagine he could be safe? Written by<>

Actors: Lynn Boyd,Jon Daugherty,Ryan Daugherty,Stephanie Davis,Edge,Michael Gulnac,Justin Lakes,Glenn Papp,Jeremiah Robinson,Elijah Smith,Trevor Thomas,Charles Walker
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"i can relate to how he feels in the film, it makes me wonder if ryan really felt what he seemed to be, or was he just portraying the character? julian, the director, did an astonishing job, the camera work was surreal throughout the movie"

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