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Count Dracula is in L.A., running a hideous club scene, and he's angry that a rogue vampire, posing as a streetwalker, is slashing. He's also unhappy that Dallas, a youthful undead and former protégé, is in town. The rogue slasher, Nico, serendipitously picks Dallas as a victim; after discovering each other's nature, they become lovers. In fear of the Count, Dallas's coterie urges him to kill Nico, but he refuses. Meanwhile, a Viennese vampire hunter, Van Helsing, arrives in L.A. and hires the Crips to help him. They're soon following Nico and Dallas. When they capture her, Dallas wants to deal: spare Nico and he'll lead the hunters to Dracula. It's time for stake and bake. Written by<>

Actors: Casper Van Dien,Natasha Gregson Wagner,Rod Steiger,Kim Cattrall,Natasha Lyonne,Craig Ferguson,Udo Kier,Gabriel Casseus,Robert Pastorelli,Natalya Andreychenko,Boris Lee Krutonog,Marco Hofschneider,Stephen Porter,Ellia Thompson,Peter Lucas
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Just be warned-everything in this movie is a bit overdone"

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