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Katsumi is a university student who has no respect for his hardworking parents, his professors, or even his friends. He helps one friend obtain a loan to finance a dance, by humiliating his father at the bank where he works. He drugs and rapes Akiko, one of the girls in his class. She becomes infatuated with him, even though he remains aloof. He enjoys goading a rival gang in the pool hall. Finally, when facing the gang, he goes too far in trying to prove his courage. Written byWill Gilbert

Actors: Hiroshi Kawaguchi,Keizô Kawasaki,Ayako Wakao,Yosuke Irie,Masayoshi Umewaka,Masaya Tsukida,Seiji Miyaguchi,Teruko Kishi,Nobuo Nakamura,Toshio Harumoto,Kôichi Itô,Osamu Maruyama,Nobuo Minamitaka,Shizuo Chûjô,Eniko Seto
Year: 1956
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" They had to come to grips with their parents"

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