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A scientist and his family move to a new town. He meets the local celebrity the beautiful who runs the local health club to which everyone is a member and makes him suspicious. Intrigued he investigates further and uncovers a terrifying plot. Written bybeerbohm

Actors: Robert Urich,Joanna Cassidy,Susan Lucci,Joe Regalbuto,Kevin McCarthy,Patty McCormack,Bill Erwin,Soleil Moon Frye,Barret Oliver,Nicholas Worth,Virginia Vincent,Greg Monaghan,Lois Hamilton,Cal Bartlett,Anne Marie McEvoy
Year: 1984
Imdb: click here

" Kind of a hybrid version of STEPFORD WIVES and THEY LIVE, the movie commits early to its apocalyptic Miltonesque vision and horror fans will likely not have many complaints until the soppy, maudlin denouement"

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