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Carl Monroe and 'Joker' Johnson share some things: They are both in jail and they both hate each other. After a fist fight the are going to be put into an other jailhouse by car. They come to blows so wild that their transport has an accident. They manage to escape chained to each other, still hating each other and the sheriff hunting them. Written byOliver Heidelbach

Actors: Robert Urich,Carl Weathers,Ed Lauter,Barry Corbin,Laurie O'Brien,Thalmus Rasulala,William Sanderson,Ritch Brinkley,Ebbe Roe Smith,Wil Wheaton,Charles Bartlett,Richard Fullerton,Bob Harris
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" Weathers gives a very strong performance in his role but Urich is only so-so but the two do have good chemistry together"

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