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Jamie Grover's parents are always around and not letting her have ANY space. She wishes for just a couple days without their constant attention. She gets her wish. Her mother has quintuplets. Being the first in their state, they become famous. Mother and Father get caught up in the fame and Jamie has to bring them back down to reality. Written bySarah <>

Actors: Kimberly J. Brown,Daniel Roebuck,Elizabeth Morehead,Shadia Simmons,Jake Epstein,Vince Corazza,Cole Corcoran,Robin Duke,Dan Duran,Erica Ellis,Jill Ann Goldhand,James Kall,B.J. McQueen,Joseph Motiki,Jesse Ray Brooks
Year: 2000
Imdb: click here

" Soon Jamie finds a hobby that she likes and is disappointed when her parents choose something else over her accomplishments but in the end everything turns out just fine and everyone ends up happy"

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