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"American High School," a romantic comedy, is centered on two people who marry young and contend with the consequences of "bad" actions. Moreover, it is a story about a young, frightened girl, Gwen Adams who tries to break away from her father, find peace with her husband, and find peace within. In a world that expects everything from her, being herself was the last thing on her mind. When pushed to the breaking point, she discovers her own self-worth. But is it too late? Written byMyDesert

Actors: Talan Torriero,Jillian Murray,Aubrey O'Day,Nikki Ziering,Brian Drolet,Hoyt Richards,Pat Jankiewicz,James E. Foley,Alex Murrel,Davida Williams,Maxie Santillan Jr.,Kyle Sabihy,Madison Dylan,Scotty Kyle,Kelli Nordhus
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" If you really want to see a teen comedy that does 'trope packing' I recommend "Not Another Teen Movie" or the first two "Scary Movie" flicks, or if you're just looking for a good teen comedy, I'd say "Easy A" would be a good pick"

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