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In a Chicago jail cell, clever and charming Ellena Roberts recounts for attorney Sara Miller the details of a one-night stand that led to a heated love affair with prominent surgeon David Stillman. David's version of the facts differs entirely and he insists that he never slept with Ellena. Sure that the doctor is the one who's lying, Sara is preparing to defend her client in court when some disturbing facts emerge. Written bySchleppy

Actors: Jenna Elfman,Kate Burton,Lisa Edelstein,Jane Wheeler,Mark Camacho,Vlasta Vrana,Charles Edwin Powell,Sam Robards,Linda Smith,Giancarlo Caltabiano,Holly Uloth,Lynne Adams,Sheena Larkin,Tyrone Benskin,Laura Mitchell
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

" The setting is in Chicago, and several of the scenes are well done, especially considering this is a made for TV movie"

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