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Tennison on a new beat investigates the killing of a drug runner, with the runner's employer, "The Street," as her prime suspect. Meanwhile, The Street is conducting his own investigation into the killing, with the help of his team of hoodlums and his vicious Rottweilers. And as Tennison rankles that her subordinates accuse her of sleeping her way to the top, she begins an affair with her married supervisor. Written byBil Boozer <>

Actors: Helen Mirren,Ray Emmet Brown,John Brobbey,Julia Lane,Steven Mackintosh,John McArdle,David O'Hara,Joe Jacobs,David Norman,Martin Ronan,Antony Audenshaw,Anne Hornby,Gabrielle Reidy,Marsha Thomason,Joe Speare,Paul Oldham,Chris Bisson,Sarah Jones,Steve Money,Paul Warriner,Ravin J. Ganatra,Badi Uzzaman,Paul Simpson,Emma Longbottom,Stuart Wolfenden,Andy Devine,Julian Kerridge,Adam Evans,David Webber,Vanessa Knox-Mawer,Glyn Dilley,David Kangas
Year: 1996
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""Prime Suspect 4" continues the exploits of the inscrutable and dogged seeker of truth and justice, Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison; the first of three miniseries (PS4, PS5, & PS6) with the notable absence of founding writer Lynda La Plante from the credits"

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