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Ovidio Ceciotti is a teacher, he is plump and he is not a man of character. He is treated badly by his school-master, by his students, by Lidia, his girl and even by his dog. One day his twin arrives. He calls himself Ralph Benson and has a completely different character. He is impudent, genial, he is popular with women, he is not plump, he spent six months in a jail. Even the dog likes him more than Ovidio. Ralph plays in a bar with the beautiful Esmeralda. They will have to live together. How long will it last? Written byBaldinotto da Pistoia

Actors: Renato Pozzetto,Carin McDonald,Armando Bandini,Beatrice Palme,Pamela Prati,Richard Harrison,Enzo Andronico,Roberto Ceccacci,Any Cerreto,Giancarlo Costa,Pietro Ghislandi,Peter Luberti,Karen Lindsay Peyton,Mario Montefusco,Giuseppe Picciotto
Year: 1985
Imdb: click here

" Both played by the good Renato Pozzetto"

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