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In 1964, a film crew interviewed seven-year-old English kids: five or six from privilege, a Yorkshire farm lad, East-End girls, and boys from a children's home. Every seven years, Michael Apted re-interviews those willing (two declined this time). At 42, careers are stuck or flourishing; marriages are strong, shaky, or over (and Bruce recently married for the first time). They're dealing with parents' dying, and children coming-of-age. One is a single mom with young sons. One is remarried, but how are the five children from his first marriage? Lyn and Jackie face health problems with down-to-earth lucidity. Neil, on the margin at 28 and 35, has a glorious story of friendship at 42. Written by<>

Actors: Bruce Balden,Jacqueline Bassett,Symon Basterfield,Andrew Brackfield,John Brisby,Suzanne Dewey,Charles Furneaux,Nicholas Hitchon,Neil Hughes,Lynn Johnson,Paul Kligerman,Susan Sullivan,Tony Walker
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" '42UP' continues to show us how they have evolved as people and how the British class system still has control over their lives"

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