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Watch Pokémon: The First Movie online

Where to watch Pokémon: The First Movie
When a group of scientists are offered funding into genetic research if they agree to try and clone the greatest ever Pokémon, Mew, the end result is success and Mewtwo is born. However Mewtwo is bitter about his purpose in life and kills his masters. In order to become the greatest he throws open a challenge to the world to battle him and his Pokémon. Ash and his friends are one of the few groups of trainers who pass the first test and prepare for battle. However they soon find out about further cloning and Mewtwo's ultimate plan for the earth. Written bybob the moo

Actors: Veronica Taylor,Jay Goede,Rachael Lillis,Eric Stuart,Madeleine Blaustein,Ikue Ôtani,Ted Lewis,James Carter Cathcart,Michael Haigney,Kayzie Rogers,Rodger Parsons,Hirotaka Suzuoki,Lee Quick,Ayako Shiraishi,Chinami Nishimura
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" The thing is with this movie is that it is pretty good"

Pokémon: The First Movie trailer

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