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Duke Duquesne is a very eccentric magician, and owing to his lifestyle his two-year-old daughter, Cassie, is sent away to live with an aunt. After twenty years, news of her father's death brings her back to Los Angeles to attend his funeral. The day after her arrival, she is told he left a rather odd will. It specifies that she will inherit her father's estate on the condition that she stay in his creepy palatial mansion for seven nights in a row - alone. Written byalfiehitchie

Actors: Connie Stevens,Dean Jones,Cesar Romero,Parley Baer,Virginia Gregg,Connie Gilchrist,John Hoyt,Russell Thorson
Year: 1965
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", ostensibly aimed at kids ("Attention Guillotine-agers!") yet bolstered by a very strong script with nice attention to dialogue"

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