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The story of a small-town football star, Chris Wotan, who defies society, morals and his God and gets into so much trouble that he is expelled from school. Told in flashbacks, usually in confession to the priest, Chris sets the tone early in the opening scene where he screams oaths before the altar and smashes a religious statue in a blind rage. Whether this is before or after a 14-year-old sexpot, Joan Meyers, corners him in the church choir-loft or when the parents of a pleasure-seeking rich girl, Tury by name, catch him in bed with Tury. And his father is the town sot and has to be bailed out of jail about once a week. Like that. Written byLes Adams <>

Actors: Tom Laughlin,Stefanie Powers,William Wellman Jr.,Robert Fuca,Linda March,James Stacy,Chris Robinson,Dennis O'Flaherty,Bob Colonna,Roxanne Heard,Jack Starrett,John Burns,Ed Cook,Jane Taylor,Conny Van Dyke
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" The issues that seem to be causing the main character so much angst are all just boring"

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